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Your rights to have a delivery price honoured

Contractual Rights

Typically in internet shopping, a buyer enters into a contract to buy goods for a total amount that involves the price for the goods plus a delivery charge.   Once a contract has been formed with a set total price, the seller has a legal obligation to honour this price and the buyer has a right to have the goods delivered at that price.

Example 1

Attempt to increase delivery charge after sale

A consumer visits , selects a laptop and follows the online buying process to its conclusion, entering her card details to purchase the goods.  She receives an email from confirming the purchase for £400 plus £9.95 standard UK delivery.  She receives another email two days later to say that the company will have extra costs to send the laptop to her remote location and she must pay an extra £25 before the item will be sent, resulting in a total price of £434.95.

Consumer Rights

Consumer has right to receive the goods for payment of £409.95, or to cancel the purchase.

What can the consumer do?
  • Claim for implementation of the deal for £409.95 as agreed, OR
  • Refuse to pay and abandon the purchase, AND/OR 
  • Report the matter to Trading Standards